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Any DeRun Lighting offices in other countries?
In order to introduce our neon flexible led and services to more customers, Shenzhen DeRun Lighting Co., Ltd. has been committed to setting up branches/offices at export destinations. Exporting a prosperous branch/office is critical to ensuring strong customer support. Through these branches/offices, our goal is to help our local businesses improve efficiency and better access to markets and customers.

DeRun Lighting is a fast-growing company of manufacturing high-quality dimmable led rope light. We stand out among many competitors based on years of extensive experience. DeRun Lighting's led strip light series are created based on unremitting efforts. cct led are produced by cct led strip machine. It is applicable to the industries of furniture, display, marine, residential, and hospitality. The surface of this product is highly resistant to scratch. It is carefully polished and impervious to any external influence. It is waterproof and is well protected.

In order to raise the satisfication of DeRun, we have been doing our utmost to help serve the customers. Get info!
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