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How does DeRun Lighting manufacture led pink strip lights ?
Shenzhen DeRun Lighting Co., Ltd. has always paid close attention to the process of manufacturing pink strip lights . Professional and experienced staff are equipped to be involved in the production process of the product. By introducing a complete set of facilities and techniques, our manufacturing process is more recommended by customers.

DeRun Lighting has a wealth of experience in designing and manufacturing profile led and we enjoy a good reputation in the industry. DeRun Lighting's dimmable led strip lights series are created based on unremitting efforts. led linear has been developed using suspended linear led lighting idea, which has some distinct characters, such as suspended linear led lighting. It can be combined into the lighting solution based on our engineers. The product is not prone to forming bacteria on its surface. The materials used have long term antibacterial properties that reduce the potential for bacterial growth. It applies to both indoor and outdoor conditions.

By reason of rich experience in led linear field, DeRun holds the attitude of keeping innovation. Inquire!
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