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LED Linear Light DR-2206FX2835

LED Linear Light DR-2206FX2835

LED Linear Light DR-2206FX2835

Model No
Surface technology
Anodic oxidation
Installation method
Clip / 3M
Aluminium Color
Silver / Black / White/ Others
PC Cover
White / Milky / Frosted
PC transmittance
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Product Advantage
  • The design of DeRun is carried out by a team of professional LED lighting designers. In addition to that, the design is based on the market survey. It can be combined into the lighting solution based on our engineers.
  • To prevent the product operates at a high temperature which may cause the wires to age and fail, the product of DeRun is embedded with a highly efficient heat sink to disperse the heat out. It can be combined into the lighting solution based on our engineers.
  • The product features zero buzzing and humming which is annoying and disturbing. Thus, it offers users a noiseless and comfortable illumination environment. It can be combined into the lighting solution based on our engineers.
Company Advantages
1. To guarantee the luminous efficiency of DeRun surface mounted linear led lights , its materials have undergone rigorous screening and only those that meet international lighting standards are selected.
2. linear lighting are expertly engineered to be of surface mounted linear led lights .

LED Linear Light DR-2206FX2835-1

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Light is very nice. Not totally loving the quality of material though. For the price, really can't complain.
Great looking light
I mounted these vertically on both sides of a makeup vanity on a house I remodeled. I was afraid they wouldn’t be bright enough, but they was perfect.
work well
I'm no gun expert but I got this for me and my wife, protected our ear like I expected. Plus its cheap ;)
Was at a 12-bay, indoor range last night and all bays were in use. These muffs were very comfortable, killed the noise properly, and are not bulky at all. Highly recommended, especially for the price. They performed better than the $35 one I was replacing.
So far the battery is working pretty.
Just love this new look in my dining room. My electrician had challenges installing it though. Granted, it was being installed on slanted ceiling. For some reason he couldn't get it straight. Thankfully I had a friend who is familiar with making things work. He used toggle bolts to finally get it to hang properly. Makes such a difference. Comes with pictures of what to put where but very little else. IF I had to recommend this I totally would and also suggest that make sure you have a dimmer switch!
beauiful and work great We installed these in our guest bath on either side of the vanity mirror a little more than a year ago. It's a small bath with a shower, but it is mostly used as a powder room. These George Kovacs LEDs light the whole room and it is easy to see for showering and grooming. Also they dim down very low which most LEDs will not do. The low light is beautiful when it's being used as just a powder room. Thank you George for your beautiful designs, your use of quality technology!
We ended up buying three of these to use in a bathroom. Overall, they look very luxe and far more expensive than $100/each. We looked at similar products in a local light store and they were in the $300-500 range per light. Only downside: the light "temperature" (color) is inconsistent. One of the three glows slightly more yellow, the other two slight less. It's not ultra-apparent, but noticeable. We installed them vertically, and overall they make our bathroom look very upscale and current.
Great light. Like another reviewer, I used it in a bathroom that had low clearance. I am very picky about lighting brightness, color and dimming and for that, this gets five stars. The glass is open at the ends but that is not a significant issue and probably needed for cooling, anyway. I did have to make some plastic shims to get the glass tubes to be perfectly parallel to the ceiling. Not hard to do, and probably not noticable on a higher ceiling, but hence the 4-stars
Really nice LED light for a bathroom overhead or over the sink. It's simple, and the end pieces are a little heavy for the frame. The plastic tube lens is delicate, but adequate. The LEDs are in a long thing strip attached to the metal back. It can be installed on a light box or with screws on the ends directly into the sheetrock (recommended). Very bright and it's dimmable. It matches other florescent lights I have from 15 years ago.
Beautiful once hung, but these were tough to hang! There were no instructions included, and you had to constantly adjust the hanging cables. You would think you got them right only to step back and find they were crooked. It took about an hour to install, but the finished product is perfect over our kitchen bar. Very modern looking and lights up a very large area.
I love my new Liara Effimero hanging lights! I had them installed with a dimmer, and they have really given a peaceful, glowing charm above the peninsula of my open kitchen. Thank you, Liara!
Great lighting. If you are installing this fixture yourself, a small torpedo level will be your best friend on leveling this out as you hang and shorten the wires. I put this and another single Effimero fixture in with clear Edison style bulbs and they look great!
Our electrician hung this fixture today over our kitchen island and had no problems with installation. The fixture is contemporary and looks like we spent far more than we did. We chose the clear Edison LEDs that throw a lot of light, but since we bought the dimmable bulbs, we can turn them down, too. We're really pleased with this purchase.
Very bright and easy install
Bought this to replace overhead light in our kitchen. Works great and adds a nice brightness when cooking.
I have 3 of these above my master bathroom vanity. There is one between the 2 sinks and one at each end. The light is perfect for makeup and shaving.
love them. Got them for my bathroom (3)
Good product with reasonable price. Highly recommend
beautiful light, great quality.
Nice and bright with a warm color temp. I have it on a dimmer and it works just fine. I do wish the ends had covers so you can''t see through the fixture when you stand to the side
Works well. It is bright, yellowish in color, just like a halogen bulb. Seems to be of decent quality. Be careful while installing, as the glass pieces on each side are fragile, and have to be put on while the product is being installed (no space behind affix them on after the rest of the fixture has been installed), making them susceptible to falling (and shattering) during the installation process. One of them did fall, but luckily I managed to catch it before it hit the sink. To address the major query I had regarding this product, yes, it is very bright, and more than adequate for a medium sized bathroom. You may need two of them for a supersized master bathroom.
We recently purchased a new build and I couldn't get rid of the contractor grade bathroom lights fast enough. After lots of research, purchased 1 of these lights to see what I thought because buying the remainder 4. First one arrived and we were extremely impressed with the quality of the product. Looks high-end and solid. Husband installed quickly! I was worried about the light output but these do an awesome job! Love that they are LEDs. Very happy with the 5 we purchased!
Great light fixture for a small powder room! We were updating a bathroom and wanted a more modern light fixture. At first we purchased a 24" LED light with brushed nickel trim on the ends. Unfortunately, it was overpowering the small room. This fixture has open ends and 2" shorter which, in our case, was significant. I also can imagine using two of these mounted vertically around a mirror in a bigger bathroom. The only improvement I would suggest is the packaging. The light fixture comes in a large box packed in hard styrofoam. There is no good reason for it to be shipped with the frosted glass cylinders detached.
I bought these lights to install in my brand new German kitchen and they are fantastic! They were easy to install and add great character to my kitchen! The fact that you can change colors is a cherry on top! Quality is great too!
Speaks for itself....
It seven more beautiful than the picture
Vraiment superbe
Buying a 2nd one soon.
The light it self is nice. Feels sturdy. Takes some time to get it all set up and move out the pieces to the tip fo each metal appendage etc. THE BIGGEST FAIL OF THIS UNIT IS the bulb. They provide some cheap bulbs which did not work with my Lutron dimmer. Nor would it completely turn off. It was always slightly on. I tried switching to a regular non dimmer switch and same issue. I spend another $90 on bulbs from a reputable manufacturer. This yielded the results I wanted. I had dimming capability and turns off completely.
Stunning. Just wish the cable was longer.
I like that this is smoothly dimable, and it gives off bright even light without flicker. Much, much better than flourescent lights in every conceivable situation. It dims smoothly from fully bright down to a very subtle dim light level. The color is warm (3000 rather than the 5000) and even, and it just works and works “forever”. This beats replacing the old style hot light bulbs every so ofter.
light is fun and a nice touch to my new NY subway style powder room. LED is a little glaring, but hopefully will be okay with a dimmer switch.
Provides great light in our laundry room! Looks elegant. Easy to replace the pre-existing florescent.
works well
Works great, looks very high quality and dimmer is perfect. Gives off a lot of light! We dimmed to 80% but nice to have more when needed
just received it .looks better in real life. light i expected to be white but its more yellowish when u turn it on. i do need lights so not exchanging because it does look good wish it had ends closed .
Very good quality. Functions perfectly with dimmer, great bright and dim setting
Great, bright, light. It is beautiful too.
I didn’t install it so I can’t comment on that but it looks good in my son’s bathroom and gives off great light.
High Quality, Especially for the Price. . .VERY Bright
Love the look of them Wanted something different in my living room.
Such what is offered
I like the light. I tested 3 types of 240 Watt LED High Bay Lights on Amazon and these are the second most bright(just a hair less). I think the reflector is too small, but I like them and will get more. If the reflector was 2" larger or more in diameter I would give them a 5 star rating. I realize they are the 100° type, still the weak link is the reflector. For the price and power I highly recommend these units, I have purchased 4 so far another 4 to come. If you have higher than 14 foot ceilings the TYO are brighter and more solid, at 14 foot and 12 foot at my outer walls the TYO was just to bright and the TYO reflector just too focused. These 240 Watt RuggedGrade at least have some dimming capability that I can use and the 100 degree although for me too small is a better pattern for the 14 foot ceilings than the TYO. If these did not have dimming the 240 watt are questionable at 14 feet(too bright!). 17 foot or above I would get the TYO in a heart beat even though they have no dimming. Anything 14 foot or less go with these 240 Watt RuggedGrade for sure. Even at 10 feet I would get these 240 watt since I could dim them. If you aren't dimming the 240 watt are just way too bright for anything less than 12 feet to 14 feet, IMHO. I added a picture. I asked the question and was told to run a set of wires from each LED back to the switch, but why can't I hook them up as shown in this picture. In theory it's a parallel connection whether I run the wires all the way back to the switch or not and exactly the same thing. If a line must be run from every light back to the box and these can't be hooked up as shown we may as well pay more and get units that can be connected to a controller as the wiring cost from every single light back to the switch is huge time and expense. And of course we use the control wires NOT the power wires for the dimming connections.. These lights have an extra set of wires that have nothing to do with the 120V to 277 V power. Normally these two extra wires are Brown and purple and are internally connected to the driver. It allows for a 0 to 10 volt signal to be sent to the driver, the driver knows 0 volts is for low(or off) lighting and 10 V is for full power lighting. In the instructions it stated these control wires can handle PWM, but DALI is not stated so I dont think these can be hooked to a controller ie to be able to individually control dimming of each light(as opposed to having to hook each light to its own dimmer) through software etc. Am I missing something? Can I hook these up like in the picture? Okay I got rid of the reflectors, I can't believe the other 5 star reviewers didn't mention how bad these reflectors are. They are small, thin and just way too cheap for such an expensive light. I purchased 120 degree reflectors for 17.99 each and they BLOW the stock reflectors away. Meaning Rugged Grade can probably include reflectors like these instead and not add but 5.00 to the cost . The small reflectors in the pictures are stock, the larger ones are the units I replaced with. The lights are so much better now and cast a better pattern with no light leakage And they look better as well. These are s strong I can stand on them and they dont bend but best of all they act as part of the heat sink as these LED do get hotter than any of the other 240 watt LED's I purchased. The small reflectors are the units that come with this LED, the larger I purchased here on Amazon.
I like the product. It is really bright for its size. The wiring diagram lacks a lot to be desired.
Easy to install, light weight, and priced well.
I bought 4 these for over my kitchen counter. Amazon has the best price out of all other websites for the same model and manufacturer. I would’ve given it 5 stars but was surprised by the chain link that connects to the base as others have mentioned. From a distance it looks like wire is sticking out in between the base and stem but it’s actually part of the design. Not very sleek looking. The pendants I took down to replace had a flush stem to base connection. Not sure if I would have purchased if I saw this but they are installed and I got a great deal as I have been shopping for pendants for quite some time.
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