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Neon Strip Light


Silicone Neon Strip lights or Neon Rope Light is DeRun’s high-end product series, which combines the waterproof performance and protection capabilities of silicone one-piece molding. The silicone neon strip lights series adopts the advanced technology of silicone co-extrusion and the two-color silicone extrusion molding.


After technology processing, makes light more softly, and the light emitting surface has no light spot at any angle, so that the product perfectly achieves a linear light emitting effect. The unique product design structure not only ensures product performance and quality, but also achieves high light efficiency of the product. Product structure is divided into light-emitting surface,light blocking surface and cutting line, regardless of whether the product is inside the front light or side light, are designed with a clear cutting position, can be arbitrarily tailored according to installation needs. 


This product has exquisite appearance design, perfect structure, high comprehensive performance and excellent quality, and can meet the needs of customers in various fields. 

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