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newly linear lighting dimension from manufacturer for dining room

newly linear lighting dimension from manufacturer for dining room

Newly linear lighting dimension from manufacturer for dining room

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Product Information of newly linear lighting dimension from manufacturer for dining room
Product Comparison
DeRun Lighting provides diversified choices for customers. LED Linear Light is available in a wide range of types and styles, in good quality and in reasonable price.Compared with other products in the same category, DeRun Lighting's LED Linear Light has the following advantages.
Product Advantage
  • DeRun has undergone a thermal shock test and is verified that it performs well in the rapid change of temperature, which means the product can work well in hard temperature condition. It can be mounted on any surfaces.
  • This product has a very broad CRI spectrum value with up to CRI 90, providing different levels of illumination accuracy. It can be mounted on any surfaces.
  • Since the product has no mercury at all, it is safe for the environment and can be easily recycled. Also, it does not produce blue waves, letting users' brain feel relaxed. It can be mounted on any surfaces.
Company Advantages
1. Essential quality tests for DeRun linear lighting have been carried out. These tests cover the aspects of seam strength, stitch density, colorfastness, and crocking.
2. The product is safe to use. During the production, the harmful substance such as VOC, heavy metal, and formaldehyde have been removed.

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3. This product is user-friendly. It is of high quality and will not produce electromagnetic radiation which is harmful to the human body.

Company Features
1. Providing a wide range of linear lighting and suchlike products, Shenzhen DeRun Lighting Co., Ltd. is well received by customers.
2. Shenzhen DeRun Lighting Co., Ltd. has good management of the factory. 
3. We promote our corporate culture based on the following value: We listen, we deliver, we care. We relentlessly help our clients succeed.
Provides great light in our laundry room! Looks elegant. Easy to replace the pre-existing florescent.
works well
Works great, looks very high quality and dimmer is perfect. Gives off a lot of light! We dimmed to 80% but nice to have more when needed
just received it .looks better in real life. light i expected to be white but its more yellowish when u turn it on. i do need lights so not exchanging because it does look good wish it had ends closed .
Very good quality. Functions perfectly with dimmer, great bright and dim setting
Great, bright, light. It is beautiful too.
I didn’t install it so I can’t comment on that but it looks good in my son’s bathroom and gives off great light.
High Quality, Especially for the Price. . .VERY Bright
Love the look of them Wanted something different in my living room.
Such what is offered
I like the light. I tested 3 types of 240 Watt LED High Bay Lights on Amazon and these are the second most bright(just a hair less). I think the reflector is too small, but I like them and will get more. If the reflector was 2" larger or more in diameter I would give them a 5 star rating. I realize they are the 100° type, still the weak link is the reflector. For the price and power I highly recommend these units, I have purchased 4 so far another 4 to come. If you have higher than 14 foot ceilings the TYO are brighter and more solid, at 14 foot and 12 foot at my outer walls the TYO was just to bright and the TYO reflector just too focused. These 240 Watt RuggedGrade at least have some dimming capability that I can use and the 100 degree although for me too small is a better pattern for the 14 foot ceilings than the TYO. If these did not have dimming the 240 watt are questionable at 14 feet(too bright!). 17 foot or above I would get the TYO in a heart beat even though they have no dimming. Anything 14 foot or less go with these 240 Watt RuggedGrade for sure. Even at 10 feet I would get these 240 watt since I could dim them. If you aren't dimming the 240 watt are just way too bright for anything less than 12 feet to 14 feet, IMHO. I added a picture. I asked the question and was told to run a set of wires from each LED back to the switch, but why can't I hook them up as shown in this picture. In theory it's a parallel connection whether I run the wires all the way back to the switch or not and exactly the same thing. If a line must be run from every light back to the box and these can't be hooked up as shown we may as well pay more and get units that can be connected to a controller as the wiring cost from every single light back to the switch is huge time and expense. And of course we use the control wires NOT the power wires for the dimming connections.. These lights have an extra set of wires that have nothing to do with the 120V to 277 V power. Normally these two extra wires are Brown and purple and are internally connected to the driver. It allows for a 0 to 10 volt signal to be sent to the driver, the driver knows 0 volts is for low(or off) lighting and 10 V is for full power lighting. In the instructions it stated these control wires can handle PWM, but DALI is not stated so I dont think these can be hooked to a controller ie to be able to individually control dimming of each light(as opposed to having to hook each light to its own dimmer) through software etc. Am I missing something? Can I hook these up like in the picture? Okay I got rid of the reflectors, I can't believe the other 5 star reviewers didn't mention how bad these reflectors are. They are small, thin and just way too cheap for such an expensive light. I purchased 120 degree reflectors for 17.99 each and they BLOW the stock reflectors away. Meaning Rugged Grade can probably include reflectors like these instead and not add but 5.00 to the cost . The small reflectors in the pictures are stock, the larger ones are the units I replaced with. The lights are so much better now and cast a better pattern with no light leakage And they look better as well. These are s strong I can stand on them and they dont bend but best of all they act as part of the heat sink as these LED do get hotter than any of the other 240 watt LED's I purchased. The small reflectors are the units that come with this LED, the larger I purchased here on Amazon.
I like the product. It is really bright for its size. The wiring diagram lacks a lot to be desired.
Easy to install, light weight, and priced well.
I bought 4 these for over my kitchen counter. Amazon has the best price out of all other websites for the same model and manufacturer. I would’ve given it 5 stars but was surprised by the chain link that connects to the base as others have mentioned. From a distance it looks like wire is sticking out in between the base and stem but it’s actually part of the design. Not very sleek looking. The pendants I took down to replace had a flush stem to base connection. Not sure if I would have purchased if I saw this but they are installed and I got a great deal as I have been shopping for pendants for quite some time.
Bought 3 of these for over a counter. Already had three glass shades that used shade mounting method these have (hole with locking ring). Threw away glass that came with them and used our shades after mounting. Looks great! Others have commented about link at top; we believe this is way better than having rigid rod attach to canopy because it allows it to give when inevitably whacked. Our installation looks way more expensive than it was; can't speak for glass shade that comes with it.
This is a Beautiful piece that don't have to jump at you as you enter. It sits there and wait to be noticed and when it does, we hear words like, oh my gosh where did you buy that, or that is so simple and beautiful, or you really have good taste. I highly recommend and get the matching wall sconce too. Your house will thank you.
As expected. Looks rich and beautiful. The nickel color is as expected, no big deal to put together.. Great buy
Perfect replacement for broken glass
Perfect for the entry way... it can be install like the picture of with the lights heading down.
Easy to assemble, needs 2 persons for installation. Elegant and modern.
The light arrived well packaged. All parts included and was very easy to install. Good quality all around. I Installed three over a kitchen Island.
I like them very much. I have not been able to connect a dimmer since it needs a separate line. I would like to know if there is an alternative option. The wiring was done prior and i don't have the option to add a second line. Any wireless options? I left a message but no answer yet.
Great for doctor office
Great looking lights. Very bright
Fantastic look & quality for a home office.... it's a great light at a great price!
Great quality and after sales customer service. Easy to install and fits my studio very well. Will buy more!
I really like this chandelier. It's fits our décor really well. Was pretty easy to install (according to my husband). Works well with a dimmer. Just something i didn't notice until the installation and probably missed on the description that the lamps were not included. Just FYI.
Nice and works good.
I was a little hesitant without reviews, but took a leap of faith since this was exactly what I was looking for. Ordered the long brass LED light. The quality and finishing is excellent with a bold brush brass look. The LEDs put out a nice bright light, perfect as a second light in the room. First one arrived not perfectly straight and the seller immediately sent a replacement.
Not used to the LED light so at first it looked different. But glad we went this route.
I bought this fixture after trying a couple more expensive ones. This was better quality and had better light function than the other ones. It is nicely made, adjustable and works great over our kitchen sink. We adjusted the length and it was perfect. I’ve gotten so many compliments.
Nice replacement fixture that is LED and brightens up your bathroom space! Easy to install and really saves on electricity. Easy to clean and takes very little space. Fit right into our existing fixtures footprint so nice fashionable, tidy, sturdy, affordable bathroom fixture! A big hit and all LED with no lightbulbs to replace!
This fixture is not only good for garage and storage areas, it is great for behind valances over the kitchen sink. It fits perfectly into my 3'-6" wide valance and looks much better than a bare strip light.
I bought 2 for my laundry room (10 x 10) and the 2 three feet lights were more than bright enough. I'm glad I chose them.
It was easy to install and looks good
awesome looking light fixture, our island in the kitchen looks amazing with it, great product, base that covers electrical box on ceiling could be wider
where way too bright
This is a beautiful light! It brightens my kitchen while giving it a stylish look. I used clear bulbs to ensure nothing took away from this lovely fixture!
No comment
Beautiful and easy to install.
Just received this track light and took me about 20 minutes to install on my H track rails. Works perfect. This fixture looks well made. Material is heavy and the paint finish is smooth. The flipper frame can actually be removed so it was pretty easy to screw in the A19 bulb. I would second the other review below that it's a pretty good bargain. I have been looking for something that mimicks theater lights but most theater lights I could find are well above 100 bucks a piece. Plan to buy 3 more to put enough lighting onto my posters in the studio.
These are great lamps - style and quality. You must be careful installing as there is a plastic tab that can be troublesome but if you pay attention and are careful - no problem. Definitely stand out - I’m using with Philips Hue lamps instead of the lamps supplied. You won’t be disappointed with these.
Its beautiful, looks great over my new tub, really ads a lot to my master bath.
Love this light! Our guests always comments on its beauty and uniqueness. We are so happy with our choice to use this to decorate and illuminate our home.
This chandelier is beautiful! It took awhile to put it up and set everything up after but it was so worth it!!! I got the 12 light chandelier and it looks amazing in my entry way! It has added so much light. Very elegant
I use six of these to light a large garage that is used for two cars, a ping pong table and an HTC vive setup. So I really like the the very diffused and bright light that these fixtures emit. These would be the perfect lights, except... One, the lights say 4k but the temp is really warm closer to 3.5k. Two, the light is 80CRI which should be fine, but because they are so warm, well, whites just aren't white. I have a cool color scheme in my garage, mostly grays, but everything looks warm/yellow. Even the ping pong ball looks warm/yellow, which is unnatural. Three, while I think the design is an A, the build quality is a solid B-, which is okay but I wish the covers were able to be more securely attached. Here in SF I can see a mag 4 or 5 dropping these things easily. I probably should give these a four, but I gave it a three just because if you want that bright cool light garage space, then you need to consider if you can tolerate halfway between that and a living room light. Seriously, if you are at a work bench, I think you are going to want a higher temp light. If you are using this in your house or large closet, then go for it.
Purchased two of these to replace two two-tube fluorescent fixtures we had installed in the kitchen 27 years ago when the house was new. I can say these are definitely BRIGHT - somewhat cooler and much brighter than the fluorescents. In fact, I would recommend considering the Amazon-noted Leviton dimmer if two of these are installed in a smallish room. But no question about being able to read the fine print in cookbooks with these jewels! These arrived in three days with free shipping with only minor distortion to the packages. The LED panel guts are in a box in a second box in a third box with bubble packing material so there was no damage to the contents. Be aware, though, that these are BIG boxes - about 4 ft. by 18 inches by 12 inches. Installation went well but took a while to remove the old fixtures and mount the Lithonia units. Biggest problems were getting the units aligned properly and holding the mounting plates up overhead to mark the bolt/screw locations - four hands definitely recommended! Instructions were adequate, but you will need to provide mounting screws or toggle bolts. These were wider than the old fixtures, nicely covering up dings along the sides, but are about an inch shorter that the old fixtures so a bit of touch-up paint will be needed on the ceiling at the ends. Finally, don't forget to fish the electrical wires through the small center knockout hole BEFORE installing mounting screws - I had two chances and got them both wrong on the first try.
These fixtures do the job but are overpriced in my opinion. The build quality isn't the greatest. The cover/ diffuser doesn't mount very securely. The LEDs produce the advertised illumination. I'm not dissatisfied with this product, although I believe it's overpriced.
I love everything about this except the brief delay after throwing the switch. It's slightly brighter than the 4 bulb florescent fixture I replaced. Installation was simple enough. The cover is a bit tricky because it has to be delicately hung from the fixture, but it was no problem.
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