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Pink/Amber/UV LED Strip Light


Ultraviolet (UV) LED Lighting

Ultraviolet (UV) LED Strip Light is also called Black LED Light. DeRun UV LED Strip Light emit a UV-A light at 395-400nm wavelength, making them a practical solution in kinds of different UV lighting installations. The power density of UV LED Lights have been increased as recent improvement to LED Chip technology. DeRun UV LED Strips are available for both 2835 and 5050 as light source. They are highly customizable and dimmable, making them a superior choice for commercial, industrial and health applications that call for high quality UV light. UL Listed E482640


Pink and Amber LED Strip Lights are also more and more popular. They are for different applications. DeRun also can offer other special colors, such as ice blue color, grass green color, or customize for special wavelength. UL Listed E482640


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