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Seeing the light without seeing the lights is our most understanding of the LED Strip Light. Since LED Strip lights are mostly mounted in a hidden manner, the light source is not exposed, which can effectively reduce the discomfort that the glare brings to the human eye. Therefore, LED Strip Lights are widely used in various commercial spaces and home lighting, and are mainly used for indirect lighting of light troughs, large-area luminous ceilings or luminous walls, and lighting of showcases or walls. UL Listed E482640


LED Strip Lights lifespan is affected by heat, dust and water. We always recommend use of an aluminum profile in order to maximize the lifespan of the LED and for proper installation. DeRun stocks many kinds of different LED profiles with aluminum housings so you can achieve your desired lighting effects. LED Strip lights are the main component of a linear LED Lighting system. Our LED Strip lights are commercial-grade and great to use in different applications. Here are some color led strip lights and warm led strip lights.


We welcome custom-made. We offer LED Strip PCB design. DeRun have professional R&D Team, can offer FPC, Aluminum PCB & FR4 LED PCB desin with SMD technique.

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