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What about the quality management system in DeRun Lighting?
Shenzhen DeRun Lighting Co., Ltd.'s quality control system is very good. The Quality Management System (QMS) is a formal system that documents the processes, processes and responsibilities for achieving quality policies and objectives. We have a solid quality management system conforming to the standard of led neon lights production and services provided in the most cost- and resource-efficient manner.

DeRun Lighting is a reputable China-based manufacturer of led tape light. We are also renowned in the international market. DeRun Lighting's rgb led strip series are created based on unremitting efforts. The product is odor-free. The materials used are heat-sealed to withstand the operating temperature to ensure no unhealthy gases are released during heating. It is marketed and sold under the brand, namely DERUN. The production process of led neon flex is strictly controlled to ensure quality. The product is for decorative lighting.

Our aim: to win the favor of customers by our considerate red led light strip and high-quality red led light strip. Get more info!
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