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Which soft white led strip lights company doing ODM?
You have a good idea on led strip light and also have done its research and knows it can promote this type of product, but do not actually know how to style it or don't have the manufacturing capacity to make it. You may turn to ODMs. Shenzhen DeRun Lighting Co., Ltd. is such a manufacturer. In most cases, ODMs also fabricate the merchandise they look and their customers get the goods branded in their own names and sell them. In the instance of an ODM, you may have little to no control over product specifications and so you have to set adequate parameters and frameworks in which the ODM should work.

DeRun Lighting has years of expertise in the design and production of led tape light and has been remarked as on the most powerful manufacturer. DeRun Lighting's led linear series are created based on unremitting efforts. It is adhered by 3M adhesive imported from the USA to guarantee a strong adhesive strength. The main components of profile led are imported products. The product is characterized by a good hydrophobic property, which allows the surface to dry quickly without leaving water stains.

Adhering to the principle of led linear, we constantly introduce new products and strive for excellence. Check now!
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