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Who are main customers to DeRun?
DeRun is mainly for foreign markets, and downstream companies can use it for further manufacturing. The brand is positioned as high quality, reasonably priced products. This is the basis for customer selection. High-end products can be developed under DeRun and the customers can be found.

Shenzhen DeRun Lighting Co., Ltd. has earned a wealth of experience in manufacturing suspended linear led lighting over the years. We have become one of the most competitive manufacturers in the industry. DeRun Lighting's color led strip light series are created based on unremitting efforts. The product is stronger than the traditional one. The raw materials used in it, that are multiaxial fibers, are far more strong than those chopped strand mat and roving. It is very safe for human beings to use, even outdoors or underwater. DeRun Lighting will arrange delivery on due time. A total of 9 advanced machines such as integrating sphere machines support its manufacturing.

Adhering to the spirit of neon led strip lights enables DeRun to continue to provide more innovative and high-quality led neon flex and gain worldwide recognition. Contact!
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